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Why do you need a
Drugs Coach?

There has been a rise in instances of athletes getting banned due to unintentional drug use. To avoid this, a drugs coach can be of immense help. Iqbal, a sports pharmacy expert with excellent academic credentials, offers tailored services and professional advice. As an athlete, you can trust Iqbal for guidance in achieving your goals and navigating the world of sports with ease. Begin your journey towards success with Iqbal as your mentor.

Never fail a drug test with the
Best in your Corner

Compliance &
Nutrient Timing

Strategic Guidance &
Drug Interactions

Legal Performance Enhancement Counselling

An athlete should not be punished for unknowingly taking a banned substance

You deserve to have the best in your corner

My mission as your drugs coach is to guarantee that you will never face unforeseen hindrances in your profession because of a positive drug test. I am completely committed to assisting you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you are confident in your ability to steer clear of any prohibited substances.

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